Oswego County SPCA

Quick Facts:

  • Non-profit
  • All volunteer
  • No-kill
  • Financially supported by donations only; no government funding
  • Public education and assistance agency
  • Over 150 animals in our care in need of loving homes
  • Oswego County and surrounding CNY area
  • Strong advocates in the relief of suffering among animals at the hands of humans, including it's prevention and  enforcement by all lawful means
  • 35+ years of homespun love and care for our four legged friends who deserve better

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About the

Oswego County SPCA


Oswego County SPCA (OCAWL) is a 501c3, not-for-profit, public charity founded by Betty Restuccia and Juanita Grady. Oswego County SPCA was incorporated in 1972, in February 2007 we celebrated 35 years of continuous service to the animals of Oswego County (located in upstate NY). Oswego County SPCA abides by the same functions as the ASPCA.

A priority for the league is the rescue and rehabilitation of mainly dogs and cats. Over the years Oswego County SPCA has paid for, in part or in whole, the spaying/neutering of thousands of pets for whom new homes were found. When funding is available, Oswego County SPCA has also assisted many residents with emergency medical care for their pets. The purpose for which this corporation is formed is the relief of suffering among animals, the extension of humane education, the prevention of cruelty to animals, and the enforcement by all lawful means of the laws relating to animals or in any way affecting animals.

Oswego County SPCA is governed by a board of directors. Oswego County SPCA exists only because of a cadre of dedicated volunteers who form the organization’s backbone. Some are caregivers to homeless animals, other volunteers act as fundraisers. Some volunteers are trained animal cruelty investigators - investigating suspected cases of abuse/neglect throughout Oswego County.

The league’s by-laws specifically state that no one connected with the organization is to be a paid employee. It has long been the practice that when the league’s treasury is low, the volunteers have bought provisions for their charges with their own money.

Oswego County SPCA is a no-kill organization that presently cares for well over 150 cats, kittens and dogs. Providing for them financially is a huge undertaking. To pay the bills, we rely solely on the generosity of private donors as we receive no funding from the local, state or federal governments.


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